· Breads ·
A selection of traditional Mexican breads, baked fresh daily
· Conchas ·
The quintessential Mexican pan dulce or "sweet bread", is a sweet yeast bread roll with available with a variety of sugary toppings
White, Chocolate, Yellow, Pink (vegan)
· Mini Conchas ·
A smaller version of our traditional Conchas pan dulce
White, Chocolate, Yellow, Pink (vegan) Custom colors/flavors available by order
· Bolillo ·
baguette style torta roll
White, Cream Cheese & Jalapeno
· Pan de Aqua (Vegan)·
mexican style sandwhich roll
perfect for sandwiches
· Cemitas ·
A brioche style torta roll
Cinnamon, Wheat
· Pan Dulce ·
Mexican Sweet Breads
Panda Muerto, Rosca Reyas, Bunuelos
seasonal and by special order
· Gorditas ·
Mexican style biscuit
Sugar, corn, wheat, Nata (cream of the milk)
· Empanadas ·
baked mexican Pastry-style Bread
Savory Pie Crust and Sweet Cinnamon
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